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Tattoo Price Information

Pricing Tattoos can be tricky, heres a guide on tattoo costs

Minimum Charge

Minimum charge tattoo pricing, generally applies to any ultra small tattoo, an example would be a semi colon or something of the like, these a typically charged at a set up cost of around the $100 mark no matter which studio you visit you’re likely to find it around here somewhere

Agreed Price.

Tattoo Costs for anything around the palm size is generally done at a flat rate agreed upon by you and your artist, as a tattoo artist gets better he/she tends to get a little faster in their ability to put ink in the skin, for this reason, tattoo artists tend to come up with a pricing system that is fair to both the client and the artist to save them self from selling themselves short as they get further into their careers

Hourly Rate

Generally reserved for tattoo pieces that will go for more than 4 hours ( larger than palm size or high detail pieces ) these pieces are usually charged at an hourly rate, St Kilda Ink has an hourly rate at 180 per hour but reserves the right to offer discounts to clients who can fill empty booking slots at short notice or during the first few week days so if you are after a further discount ask us how!

Day Rate

Not for the faint hearted, Tattoo Costs can be greatly reduced if you come prepared! St Kilda Ink currently sell a day rate at $1000 on the provision that a NON-REFUNDABLE $250 deposit is paid at the time of the booking. (non refundable as you have booked this artist out for an entire day so if the client doesn’t show, the client has ruined the artists chances of making any money that day) This allows the artist to book a full day (11am – 7.30pm) out with you to solely focus on your bigger pieces (sleeves and the like). If the client taps out before the allocated time it reverts back to an hourly rate that will be charged at $180 per hour, but doing things this way can save a client huge amounts of money (over $500 per sitting!) this is especially worthwhile on multiple sitting sessions such as back pieces and sleeves


Now Just Remember...


Tattoo's last a life time.


they are a message in a bottle adorned from a persons selected artist sent out into the world, who knows where the person may end up in life and therefor the artists artwork will end up or what impact it may have upon that persons life each tattoo tells a story 

we at St Kilda Ink respect that as much as our clients should.

St Kilda was named after The Lady of St Kilda, the ship that was sailed here, and it is now known as a popular hot spot for tourists and locals alike whilst they dock their flesh ships in Melbourne. St Kilda Ink is modern day renaissance styled mad hatter art house.

A family of individuals that spend their days smiling and having a great time whilst being on a career that involves the pursuit of self mastery, Great artwork is our aim, we design with the intention to make an alteration to a human body, with the respect to do it right.

Located in the bay side suburb of St Kilda

Located in the bay side suburb of St Kilda

St Kilda Ink aim to provide their clients with a welcoming port for them to come have hieroglyphics adorned on their skin every time the stop into Melbourne or whenever they feel they feel have something worth honoring, a new badge of honor come and celebrate the win with us, maybe it will be a symbol for hope whilst getting through a time, we don't mind having a chat, but try to keep the negativity down, we want your experience to be a positive one!

St Kilda Ink wishes to invite those in who want to risk starting a love affair with the messages on their skin.
Quality artwork by some of the best artists in the industry, a business that focus's on working with artists that not only the skill to be at the top level but those with the character to make everyday life an enjoyable experience, we invite you to come on a journey aboard our ship.

"what you're buying is a message in a bottle"

"who knows how far across the globe it may end up"

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