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Blackwork Tattoos & Designs, What, why and where?

Tribal designs have evolved, journey with us as we take a look into the blackwork tattoo designs evolution.

Blackwork tattoos appears to have gone from strength to strength as the rapidly growing tattoo industry expands into the modern age, we take a little look into them and show you some examples that we have done, in house, at Melbournes St Kilda Ink Tattoo Studio.

Geometric-Blackwork Tattoo

The St Kilda Ink tattoo studio has been home to some Melbourne based tattoo artists that have tattooed some amazing examples of this tried and tested, bold statement making tattoo design style. 


Many people seem to think Blackwork Tattoos are somewhat of a new trend. 


  You probably already know that the first tattoos were just black ink but did you know that found on the body of Otzi the Iceman, a mummified man found frozen in ice in the Alps late 1991.  Was identified to have 61 tattoos and was believed to live somewhere around 3200BC.

Otzi was impeccably well-maintained thanks to the ice his body lay to rest in and examiners were able to map the tattoos on his body.


Otzi is extremely interesting to us in the tattoo world because he had lines and crosses over parts of his body. Tattoo's in places many people seem to believe he may have experienced pain and marked them out with a black ink solution, using a charcoal-based ink. Many people have come to believe that he may have marked pressure points on his skin, to help ease pains he might have gained throughout life. Lines, crosses, and many other geometric themes often infused into tattoo designs can be seen in many nations ancestors. The Maori and Polynesian tribe tattoos often feature heavy black shapes and lines to create stories that speak of family and war across the wearer's skin.


Over time it these tattoo styles has branched off and evolved like all things do.

  Many would remember the long sweeping sharp cornered black tribal tattoos that were popping up everywhere during the 2000s era. As more and more people seemed to become quite visibly tattooed these artists creating the bold artwork, which usually consisted of drawing big black lines over a persons skin, continued to get more and more creative with their designs, and thanks to the internet-connected world we live in today, we see fine examples from all over the world, which only drives these skilled tattoo artists to push themselves further, we are stoked to be apart of this journey.

Tribal Mask Tattoo

Blackwork Tattoo designs tend to be a new approach to many tribal based designs, often covering geometric and dot-work themes, Blackwork tattoo artists only use black ink in there creative process and is a recipe for bold, often masculine themes, it portrays a person with confidence in his tattoo choices as they stand obviously visible from across any room.

We love them at St Kilda Ink and hope to show you some of the many examples we have done here in studio, what you have just looked at above is just a small sample of the work that Anthony Fowler has been producing

Anthony Fowler shines through bringing darker themes to life with this powerful tattoo style.


Robo Thunders is no sranger to the black ink either, keeping a more traditional approach


Blackwork Tattoos
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Black scorpion traditional tattoo
Traditional Scenery Tattoo
Black Grimreaper traditional tattoo

Dan Mullenger also keen to jump in on the action bring his more realistic shading.


Bird Tattoos
Skull Tattoo
Black Wolf Geometric Tattoo
Lion Tattoo Blackwork
We would love to hear from you if you are considering something along the blackwork tattoo style, from smaller darker flash pieces that we have plenty of, right through to the large body morphing suits that are floating around, before you go anywhere, think of messaging St Kilda Ink


This is just a snippet of what can be done within the St Kilda Ink Tattoo Studio, Want to see more, Just ask!.



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