May 19, 2016

Celtic Tattoo Artist Anthony Fowler

Celtic Tattoo Melbourne

With the rise of Viking, Norse and Nordic inspired tattoo artwork Anthony Fowler, Irish tattooist, has become the man to get in contact with Specialising in a wide variety of tattoo artwork, from Celtic tattoo through to Neo-Traditional Tattoos, Melbourne based Anthony Fowler is definitely an artist to check out before going anywhere else.

Working from with-in the St Kilda Ink tattoo studio in Melbourne, Australia he continuously pumps out flash sheets based on the things he chooses to draw, all of these and almost anything custom you could think of is available for tattooing by appointment. 

Anthony is also available for Celtic and Black Work (Dot-Work) style tattoos upon request


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Neo Traditional & Celtic Tattoo Artist

Working from St Kilda Ink's Studio, Anthony fowler specialises in High Color Neo Traditional  and Dark Black Work Tattoos

Neo-Traditional, A tattoo style that has unlimited avenues, featuring the traditional bold lines and bright colors with a more modern approach to shading, Anthony masters this and takes it further.



Red Rose Tattoo
Luna Park Tattoo
Luna Park Tattoo
Celtic Fixup

Celtic Re-Work on clients existing tattoo

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