Artist Spotlight – Robo Thunders

Traditional Tattoo Artists

Traditional tattoo artist 

Melbourne based tattoo artists Robo Thunders, specialising in Bold lines and bright colors, the way a traditional tattoo should be

Finger Tattoos - Traditional Tattoo

English Skateboarder Robo Thunders Specializes in his own take of Traditional tattoos, Featuring a mix of bold lines and bright colors.

Currently tattooing in Melbourne, Australia. Traditional Tattoo Artist Robo Thunders has taken on a role with St Kilda Ink Melbourne tattoo studio, He is available for a meet and greet to get down the finer details of what his clients are after before heading home to draw up a custom one off design that you won't find anywhere else. His 60s vibe and friendly attitude coupled with his intense knowledge of the ins and out of traditional electric tattooing will ensure that you walk away not only loving your new tattoo but feeling great about the experience as well.

Finger Tattoos - Traditional Tattoo

Traditional Tattoos: Lucy In The Sky

Traditional Tattoo Flash
Boxer Traditional Tattoo Design

Traditional Tattoos; David Bowie Tattoo

Traditional Tattoo's are simple to design and hard to perfect, Robo Thunders is a creative genius that understands this and chases it with unmatched dedication to a craft.


Robo spends his spare time down at the local skate park and has been featured on the cover of a few skate magazines, local and abroad, these days he is a familiar face around Melbourne and is always happy to have a chat.

Traditional Tattoo Eagle Design

Traditional Tattoos: Eagle

Traditional Tattoo Flash

Traditional Tattoos; Rooster

Sh**loads More of Robo's portfolio available to be viewed, simply shoot us an email with what you are thinking of getting tattooed and we get right back to you with the next steps,


Contacting St Kilda Ink's Traditional Tattoo specialist Robo about a design is as simple as filling out the form below, That's it, Simple huh?.

Shoe Artwork
Panther - Traditional Tattoo

Traditional Tattoos: Black Panther

Snake tattoo design

Traditional Tattoos; Snakes

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