Tattoo Ideas – Bird Tattoo’s

Bird Tattoos - Tattoo Idea Inspiration

Tattoos hold different meanings for everyone, for some to help them through a tough time, for others just because they like the art work and some simply get a kick out of collecting tattoos from different artists around the world, When it comes to Bird tattoos the type of bird can reflect many different meanings.

We have compiled a list of a few great examples of bird tattoos from the different styles of tattooing for you to view to help better gauge what you are looking for from a new tattoo.

If you have any questions regarding the following tattoos or if you are thinking about getting a tattoo please feel free to contact us on the attached form below.
Here is just a few examples of work that has been completed from our St Kilda based Studio in Melbourne Australia.

Eagle Tattoo Birds

Paul Martin

Eagle Bird Tattoos

Paul Martin

Eagle Bird Tattoo Designs

Robo Thunders

Traditional Eagle Tattoo Design

Robo Thunders

Finger Tattoos Traditional Eagle Tattoo

Robo Thunders

Eagle Tattoo

The eagle, a symbol for leadership, power and freedom, the Eagle tattoo is a popular choice among people, especially in he american traditional style.

As many people would know the bald Eagle is the national emblem for America and symbolizes great strength and freedom, known for its long life, its fascinating looks make the eagle a popular choice for tattoo's all over the globe but here in Australia we have the lesser known Wedge Tail Eagle, it is the largest bird of prey in Australia and can have a wingspan of up to 2.3 Meters long! this can make for an amazing looking tattoo especially as a chest piece.

Tattoo Bird Ideas

Bird Tattoos - Ria Von Valentino 

Ria Von Valentino from Melbournes St Kilda Ink is well known for her fine arts style illustrations.

Birds are a common choice for many of her clients every one of her designs is hand drawn as a one of piece for her clients so you can be sure you will be getting something special.

Owl Tattoo Bird Tattoo Designs
pheonix tattoo design
swallow birds tattoo designs
Tattoo Bird Idea

Traditional Swallow Tattoo - Robo Thunders


Robo Thunders, a traditional style tattoo artist working in Melbourne Australia features birds with bold outlines and bright colors.


 Bird Tattoo - Paul Martin


For a more realistic approach Paul Martin uses his clean and smooth black and grey shading techniques to create one off pieces for his clients

Bird Tattoo

Paul Martin

Bird Owl Tattoo Designs

Paul Martin

Bird Tattoo Designs

Paul Martin


Neo Traditional


Not quite Traditional Tattoo's, Neo-Traditional brings bold lines and bright colors with softer shading styles than we traditionally recognise.

More examples to come,

keep posted for more ideas as we post them here, if there is something in particular you would like to see from us simply fill out the contact form below and we will be sure to get back to you.

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