Blackwork Tattoos Melbourne

Blackwork Tattoos & Designs, What, why and where? Tribal designs have evolved, journey with us as we take a look into the blackwork tattoo designs evolution. Blackwork tattoos appears to have gone from strength to strength as the rapidly growing tattoo industry expands into the modern age, we take a little look into them and show[…]

Dan Mullenger – Tattoo Artist

Dan Mullenger, Black & Grey Realism Tattooist, Specialising in a wide variety of tattoo artwork, from Realistic tattoos through to Graffiti Inspired script work, Dan Mullenger has made the move to Australia to continue his epic career along side some of St Kilda Ink’s Greats and is definitely an artist to check out before going anywhere else.[…]


Tattoo Ideas; Japanese Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo, A style that has never gone out of fashion A good Japanese tattoo can look great in both color and black and grey You will rarely meet a tattoo artist that doesn’t enjoy the principle of tattooing Japanese style tattoos Typical Japanese tattoo’s feature bold lines and a great flow. Koi Fish, Dragons and[…]

Artist Spotlight – Robo Thunders

Traditional tattoo artist  Melbourne based tattoo artists Robo Thunders, specialising in Bold lines and bright colors, the way a traditional tattoo should be English Skateboarder Robo Thunders Specializes in his own take of Traditional tattoos, Featuring a mix of bold lines and bright colors. Currently tattooing in Melbourne, Australia. Traditional Tattoo Artist Robo Thunders has[…]


Tattoo Ideas; Celtic Tattoo

Celtic Tattoo Designs are making a powerful comeback. we delve a little deeper into this ancient style of artwork At the St Kilda Ink Tattoo Studio in Melbourne Australia, A man by the name of Anthony pays respects to his Irish heritage by supplying clients with unique hand drawn Celtic tattoo designs. Anthony Fowler is[…]