May 20, 2016

WFDN – Tattooing


I choose to design on many mediums, primarily spending my days working on the St Kilda Ink brand I am available by appointment only for Tattoo, Graphic design and other creative works, simply fill out the form below to get in contact with me, let me know what you're after and if I can help I will.


Warren @stkildaink



Tattooing was always one of those things that the cool kids did; Not something I ever would thought I would achieve, Yeah I was creative as a kid, but my only real knowledge of tattooists was as the spectator whilst I beat around the suburbs on one of my many bmx's that I had modified or repainted in some way or another, I drew alot as a kid but didnt really see art as a career choice till later in life.

When I turned 18 I got my first tattoo, the standard last name on the forearm. The first shop I walked into was on the main street yet still felt a little uninviting, it left a sour taste in my mouth, just because I didn't have a lot of tattoos already shouldn't mean I should be shunned from the shop till I did but after mentioning it to a friend, he told me about his mate that tattoo's nearby and I put my fate in his hands.nether the less I didn't exactly like my first experience, the guy was nice enough, just left with it not sitting right.




I was midway through a plumbing apprenticeship before I got my 2nd tattoo, my mother had passed away and I bonded with an apprentice of this tattoo shop she did a big rest in peace tattoo on my neck thinking "well my mother always stuck her neck out for me",Although I should have probably had someone try a little harder to convince me not to get my neck done as a second tattoo, I became quite close with this artist, spending a tonne of time whilst I then went on to get a sleeve tattoo from her.

I often helped out at the tattoo shop, fixing things around the place when needed, just generally hanging out with them when it wasn't busy, The shop closed temporarily due to some damage and I had an amazing opportunity to come on board and help get it back up and running, never planning on actually becoming a tattoo artist I just saw this as a way to help that little community place I had come to love and know as the shop.



In time, one of the artists at the time asked if I wanted to learn some things, I shied away at first but the words "we'd rather teach you then some apprentice" and I suddenly had the confidence I had prior lacked, I spent all my free time drawing and banged out a few tattoo's on myself before friends were hounding me to tattoo them, with careful on look of artists around me I began to proceed.

In time, the people I began to tattoo with stopped tattooing and I was left in the deep end a little bit, I basically watched over all the other artists around me and learnt what I needed to learn as I needed to learn it addicted to a lifestyle I had never thought I'd ever be apart of..




I prefer the message in the art, over the style, I have no preference of tattoo style, so to speak, I love tattooing and I love the idea of meeting people from all over the world, sharing a brief but personal encounter with them that will carry on for a lifetime.

Im pretty keen to hear from people who want to visualize a bit of a story out of your tattoo's or even if you are after something in print format, I'm intrigued by symbolic meanings of art so if you have a message you want to say, whether you would like it to be obvious or not, I'd like to hear from you to see if we can potentially work together.

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